Who is the greatest source of medical information for doctors, nurses, pharmacists and other providers? The answer is: patients. Their role as a member of the healthcare team is vital and today they have a recognized communication tool thanks to The Med Form. These simple devices help increase safety and improve healthcare.

Healthcare providers know that when it comes to administering medications, the stakes are high. It’s important to have an accurate patient medication record at every stage in the healthcare delivery system. According to the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, 46 percent of all medication errors occur at the so-called care transition points when patients are admitted, discharged, and transferred between units or facilities.

What is the common denominator in these transition points? It’s the patient. That’s why Arizona’s healthcare community has joined forces to support The Med Form. The Med Form is available in English or Spanish at Arizona hospitals and physician offices. It’s also available by clicking below and selecting the size form you desire.

On behalf of Arizona’s healthcare community, thank you for joining this partnership for improved patient care.