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If you are truly committed to maximising your Internet presence and getting results for your business, you should always be educating yourself.  Here are some great sources of useful information on a variety of topics:

W3C – W3

This site is a bit technical, but you should be aware of the organisation and the ways it is improving the Internet.  Also visit W3 Validator to check if your website is W3C validated – it should be!


A great website with expert advice and research about Internet marketing.  Check out the case studies and how-to guides for some great new marketing tactics to try online.

Technorati –

If you want to start reading blogs, this is a great place to start.  It lists millions of blogs that you can search through to find ones that interest you.  Blogs are entertaining, but they can also be a great way to get new ideas for your business. 


This is the place to go if you want to read articles from people and business around the world.  Anyone can submit articles to Digg and the most popular ones are on the front page.

Google tools

Google is an Internet giant and it has so many helpful tools that you can use for free.  This page lists them all.  You should definitely have the Google Toolbar, and Alerts and Desktop are handy too.

This is just short list of some main sites and there are so many more insightful and creative websites out there that you can find with a bit of searching.  Set aside some to read through these important sites listed above, then subscribe to their email newsletters or the blog itself if you can so you are always up to date with the latest.  You never know – you might learn some great strategies that you can apply to your own website and business.

Got any more good sites we should add to the list?  Simply leave them in a comment below.